Nowadays plastics are used more and more and the applications and possibilities of plastic are still increasing. P.A.T. Engineering is specialized in making optimum use of those possibilities.


Plastic is a versatile product that is being developed in abundance. At P.A.T. Engineering, quality occupies a prominent position. We use the latest technologies, which produce high-quality compounds of constant quality.  

Our own laboratory gives the possibility of testing our compounds ourselves in accordance with ISO, DIN and NEN standards. If desired we supply you with conformity statements to guarantee constant quality to you. In that way you will have exact insight into the properties of our compounds, such as density, flow behaviour and impact resistance.


P.A.T. Engineering is a Dutch enterprise. Our office is established in Barneveld and our production is handled in Hardenberg. We mainly sell our compounds in the Benelux, Germany, England, France and Poland. 

Our compounds are used for both extrusion and injection moulding. In that connection we have experience with all quantities. We produce in small numbers or in bulk. In total we produce thousands of tons of PVC compounds a year.


In our modern factory in Hardenberg we have optimized the applications of plastic for thirty years. We have developed a broad and profound knowledge of plastic. Naturally P.A.T. Engineering also continues to renew itself. Our many years' experience offers a sound foundation for that.

In time we expect to complete our new factory at our new location in the industrial estate of Broeklanden in Hardenberg. This will become Europe's most modern PVC factory where we can continue to produce PVC compounds that the market demands and with which our customers make the most innovative products.

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